Maintenance Services

Maintenance Services

FGE has great ability and flexibility to apply most types of maintenance programs.

Here are the most common types of maintenance programs:

• Preventive maintenance
• Predictive maintenance
• Condition-based maintenance
• Scheduled maintenance
• Routine maintenance
• Emergency maintenance
• Corrective maintenance


Recently, our scope regarding the maintenance services has expanded widely to include;
1. Rotating equipment maintenance
2. Static equipment maintenance
3. Mechanical seals maintenance
4. Engineering Services
5. Machining and fabrication
Rotating equipment maintenance
FGE is specialized in the maintenance of all rotatin equipment such as:
1. Pumps
2. Compressors
3. Air coolers
4. Blowers
For these equipment, FGE is capable of performing all necessary maintenance activities in order to restore the equipment condition such as
• Change/ replace defect parts
• Check all clearances and adjust if necessary
• Condition monitoring and fault analysis
• On-Off site balancing
• Performing all necessary repairs for defect parts
• Trouble-shooting
Static equipment maintenance
FGE also offers maintenance, inspection, repair and alteration activities for several types for static equipment • Inspection: FGE offers non-metal lining inspection and also the five methods of NDE inspection; VT, PT, MT, UT and RT • Maintenance and Repairs: FGE offers minor repairs such as: grinding and welding and also we offer major repairs such as; remova of one or more major part of the equipment to be maintained and reinstalled • Alteration: FGE is capable of performing activities necessary to change the operating condition of equipment
FGE offers all necessary maintenance activities for different types of mechanical seals. FGE has great experience in all types of mechanical seals also we’re familiar with the most popular mechanical seal manufacturers in Egypt We’ve great experience in Mechanical seal plans and all its common problems and failures EagleBurgmann Authorized Service Centre in Egypt FGE IS authorized service representative in Egypt for Eagleburgmann
In order to maintain a world-class quality, we partnered with the leaders in technology, so we can provide cutting edge technologies and tools We always put a great concern in updating our tools, equipment and devices in order to fulfill our clients’ demands and reach their satisfaction
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