Rotating Equip

Rotating Equip. Commissioning

Commissioning process
- It is considered as a quality focused process for enhancing the delivery of a project.
- This process focuses upon verifying and documenting that the facility and all of its systems and assemblies are planned, designed, installed, tested, operated, maintained to meet the owner's project requirements.
Commissioning of rotating equipment
The rotating equipment are considered the backbone of any project, so it is very important to carry out commissioning process properly to avoid any problems during the start-up of the equipment. FGE deals with many types of rotating equipment such as:
  • Pumps
  • Compressors
  • Fans
  • Fans
  • Blowers
  • Turbines
The commissioning process is carried out according to API 686 or manufacturers instructions. FGE is considered one of the most skilled and experienced companies regarding commissioning as we have successfully performed commissioning activities in several work sites within Egypt. Also one of our most valuable strengths is that we are also maintenance and troubleshooting experts, which enables us to deal with any trouble we face during commissioning phase and apply the necessary solution on site
  • FGE has the core capabilities to perform the following activities efficiently, timely and most important safely • The installation, assemble, alignment (cold alignment) for all rotating equipment and packages as per work order.
    • First fill of lubricants, seal oils, barrier fluids and grease.
    • Mechanical seal auxiliary system installation including connecting piping.
    • Charging up the mechanical seal barri and/or buffer liquid (as specified).
    • Un-coupled motor run test.
    • Alignment for rotating equipment items.
    • Filling Up (Pressurizing) liquid systems (as specified).
    • Final inspection checks and tests required before commissioning.
    • Remove commissioning blinds for rotary equipment and performing operation test
    procedure (OTP) for all mechanical equipment .
Achievement in ZOHR In ZOHR Gas Field, FGE Successfully Commissioned and tested the vibration and temperature of:
• 554 Pump • 162 Fan • 24 blower • 18 compressor • 40 agitator ZOHR field is an offshore natural gas field located in the Egyptian sector of the Mediterranean Sea and it is the largest ever natural gas found in the Mediterranean Sea, ZOHR almost doubled Egypt's gas reserves.In FGE we consider ZOHR field our crown jewel and our biggest achievement. And for this, FGE is strongly recommended from Eni’s commissioning manager and here are the recommendation letter
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