Construction Services

Construction Services

As a leading engineering services company, with decent achievements for many sectors, FGE has the core capability to provide full civil, mechanical and electrical EPC services for various types projects with high quality and safety standards.
• Project management services
• Storage tanks fabrication, installation & repair
• piping & flow lines projects
• Electrical power networks
• Oil & gas process & treatment facilities
• Telecommunications & networking system
• Integration, modification & rehabilitation project
• Rotating equipment erection
• Control & automation systems
• Abrasive blasting & coating
Engineering services through integration agreement with specialized engineering companies • Provide comprehensive consulting & engineering services for oil & gas, petrochemical, power & industrial sector
• Services include: design, survey services, specialist engineering consultancy, detailed engineering
Procurement Services
FGE has a strong network of local and foreign suppliers and subcontractors
• purchasing / renting Services
• Technical & Commercial Evaluation
• Expediting Services
• Materials Management & Stock Control Services
FGE is local representative /distributor of no. of worldwide manufacture:
- OMK –pipes and fittings
- Energy Valve
- Emica-pump
Fabrication work shop capabilities

 1- Steel Work

2- Plate Work

•    Hangers
•    Workshops
•    Handrail
•    Platform
•    Pipe Racks
•    Skimmers
•    Stacks
•    Skids
•    Hoppers
•    Duc
•    Piping Spools
•    Piping work
•    Air Cooler Silos
•    Piping Skids
•    Vertical Tanks
•    Horizontal tanks
•    Headers
•    Gas Scrubberts
Non Destructive Testing Services

Traditional NDT

Advanced NDT

•    X ray Radiography for Oil & Gas industries and Power Sectors. •    Ultra Sonic inspection and thickness survey. •    Magnetic Particle Testing.•    Liquid Penetrant Testing. •    PWHT- Electrical resistance heating. •    Hardness Testing •    Positive Alloy Material Identification. •    Vacuum Box Testing. •    Infrared Thermography. •    Painting and Coating Inspection. •    Welding Visual Inspection. •    Long Rang Ultra Sound Testing LRUT for pipes •    Pulsed E1ddy Current Testing PEC for general corrosion detection. •    Tube Inspection – Acoustic Eye, ECT, IRIS, RFET Magnetic Flux Leakage Inspection MFL for pipes and tanks. •    Phases array and TOFD Ultrasonic inspection. •    Automated Ultrasonic Testing AUT for pipelines. •    Small bore inspection by Cobra Scanner. •    Laser Optic Profile Measurement LOPM. •    Digital Radiography- Computed Radiography. •    LIXI Profiler – Real Time Radiography. •    The Imography Testing IR.
Equipment renewal, repair & Revamping
We can pick up iron, steel and other parts from the scrap heaps of industry and convert them into valuable parts through the successful repair of worn out and broken parts We also cover the Polymeric Metal Repair such as but not limited to: • Pumps
• Oil tanks
• Oil heaters
• Valves
• Oil separators
• Engines casing
• Turbine shafts
• High pressure Vessels
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