MIDOR, one of the major refinery planets in Egypt. FGE contributes with a very vital rule in MIDOR shut downs. our company serves Technip, Petrojet, EMC and Petromaint as our clients in MIDOR. FGE has conducted several mechanical activities and different areas such as;
1. revamping for air cooler, replacing old tube bundles
2. revamping for old pumps, compressors and turbines
3. replacing old pump skids with new pump skids
4. installation, pre-commissioning and commissioning activities for new pumps
5. replace old motors, machinery mounting, old fan blades by new ones.
6. dismantling of existing pumps
7. abandoning of existing pumps, compressors, air coolers and mixers
8. replacing of existing pumps by new pumps
9. rerating of existing pumps
10. installation and pre-commissioning for new air coolers items.
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