Three Years Running: FGE-Service Fuels Excellence at ExxonMobil Terminals in Egypt

For the third consecutive year, FGE-Service, a leading provider of Engineering services, has been entrusted with the critical task of maintaining all rotating equipment at ExxonMobil's fuel terminal stations across Egypt. This unwavering trust from a global energy giant like ExxonMobil is a testament to FGE-Service's unwavering commitment to exceptional service and its position as a leader in the Egyptian fuel industry.

A Coast-to-Coast Partnership:

From the bustling Cairo Fuel Terminal to the strategic Port Said terminal on the Suez Canal, FGE-Service's expertise now spans all four of ExxonMobil's vital fuel terminal stations in Egypt: 1. Cairo Fuel Terminal: Ensuring smooth fuel supply to the heart of Egypt's capital. 2. Suez Fuel Terminal: A vital link in the region's energy infrastructure, connecting the Red Sea to the Mediterranean. 3. Port Said Fuel Terminal: Strategically located at the crossroads of global trade, guaranteeing efficient fuel distribution. 4. Alexandria Fuel Terminal: Supplying fuel to Egypt's second-largest city and a major industrial hub.

Three Years of Building Trust:

Renewing this contract for three years in a row is no small feat. It speaks volumes about FGE-Service's proven track record of exceeding expectations. Our team of highly skilled engineers and technicians consistently deliver: Reliable and effective maintenance solutions: Minimizing downtime and ensuring optimal performance of critical equipment. Proactive and responsive service: Addressing issues promptly and efficiently to prevent disruptions. Commitment to safety and environmental responsibility: Operating with the highest standards in mind to protect both personnel and the environment.

Beyond Maintenance, Fueling Growth:

This partnership goes beyond mere service provision. It represents a long-standing collaboration built on: Mutual trust: ExxonMobil recognizes FGE-Service's dedication and expertise, entrusting them with their vital infrastructure. Shared values: Both companies prioritize operational excellence, safety, and environmental responsibility. This continued collaboration strengthens FGE-Service's position in the Egyptian fuel industry, attracting new clients and solidifying its reputation as a reliable partner.

Looking Ahead with Unwavering Commitment:

FGE-Service is deeply grateful for the trust and confidence ExxonMobil has placed in them. We are committed to exceeding expectations and delivering unparalleled service throughout this agreement. We believe that our partnership will continue to be a model of collaboration and excellence, setting a new standard for maintenance services in the Egyptian fuel industry and beyond.

ExxonMobil IRAQ:

In another exciting development, FGE-Service, in collaboration with EMC, has been awarded a prestigious contract for Engineering and Supply instrumentation at ExxonMobil facilities in Iraq. This project leverages FGE-Service's expertise in cutting-edge technology and instrumentation, combined with EMC's proven track record in project execution. This partnership promises to deliver innovative solutions that enhance operational efficiency and safety at ExxonMobil's Iraqi facilities, contributing to the nation's energy development.
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